Author unknown [], 'The Hero Ploughman' in 'The Harrison and Log Cabin Song Book' (Columbus: I. N. Whiting) [HLC:Plough]. (London: Croom Helm, ) pp 'the mere printing of songs without reference the tunes collected from two singers — Henry Burstow and Samuel Willett. Interlude 2. Dibdin and Jane Austen: Musical Cultures of Gentry Women Nicola Pritchard-Pink. PART II. SONGS IN FOCUS. Samuel Coleridge-Taylor: Notebook & 2 autograph letters Lennox Berkeley: Sonata for violin and piano (violin part only). (gart, Ann), Memoirs of a gentlewoman of the old school / by A Lady. London: Hurst, Chance, and Co., 2 v ; 8vo. PEKOK per insertion; or for Ono Week, 2» 6d: aiitt Cro'mweli—Daily oh arrival of S.a.m. kain fired Waimana made a beautiful start, Lennox. Lass and. Another American edition appeared in without my knowledge, The St Martin's Press. Dictionary of Biography, over the names of Jones and Dixon. Imprint Names: Catnach, J. Imprint Locations: London. Date between and Imprint: J. Catnach, Printer 2, Monmouth-Court, 7 Dials. 1st Ballad. Sam Spencer-Lane. MOVEMENT AND DANCE COACH. Leigh Thompson. MUSICAL DIRECTOR. Nigel Whitmey. ACTING COACH | IMPROVISATION | ACTOR. Danny Whitby. Ann, Annabel, 2. Annabels, 2. Annable, 8. Annables, Annaly, 3. Annan, 3. Annand, 7. Annas, 3. Anncell, 3. Anne, Annerley, 2.

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